I know the problem, you want to try your hand at being a blogger, but you are unsure where to start or whether the writing world is for you.

Its a lot of time trouble and possible expense to set up a blog and then you have the problem of finding an audience

Also, you need to keep pumping out the articles several times a week, and before long it’s taking up all your free time.


You have something to say, and you’re interested to see if people are interested in listening.

Being a guest blogger for us can be the perfect solution for you. You don’t have to write to a deadline, and you know you have an audience interested in all things SCUBA.

You will also have something published that can help if you need to reference some blogging that you have produced to a future employer.

Hints and Tips

Hints and tips? sure, let’s see

  •  Minimum of 300 words but 800 to 1000 is better
  • Should be Diving related
  • No bashing
  • Break your writing up into short paragraphs
  • Try to have a start, middle and end and use headings
  • Read it three times before you send it
  • It’s ok to have links to your own work/blog/web/FB
  • Please link back to SCUBACV.com
  • Don’t copy and paste other peoples work.
  • Just enjoy writing your thoughts, don’t overthink

Oh and….

Introduce yourself to your readers

What to Write About

woman looking skywards pondering about a blog subject
What to write about

Once you are ready, then send it to us on Google Docs or Word, and if you have a CV with us, we can also put a link on your CV if you want to become a regular guest blogger.

Some topic ideas could be

  • Your experience as a DM
  • Your fears and hopes on the Instructor Course
  • Your first Job
  • I learned about being a Dive Pro from (fill in the blank)
  • Gear you love to dive with and why
  • Your most fun diving ever
  • Location and dive site reports
  • What keeps you motivated
  • Your pet peeves that divers do

A little bit of Blog Research

The next time you find yourself browsing a dive blog or blogs and feel motivated to keep on reading or to come back try to examine and think what it was that you found so engaging.

You can use that motivation to write in a similar blog but your own words and conclusions.

How many times have you read a blog that as you progress you can feel that the purpose of the blog is nothing else but to try and steer you into clicking the affiliate URL to make the writer a few bucks

Blogs that are not sales pitches but they can have a sales element to them. Giving your true feelings tend to have readers return for more.

It’s ok to promote a product or service if you generally believe that it is worth the praise you give. 

It’s a learning curve, but that’s OK

Just like when you started diving some skills, would come naturally and some you had to work at. Being a blogger requires a skill set that is acquired with practice.

Any skills you have in life are useful and give you a different avenue to explore, and it can be surprising how new skills lead to new doors opening.

Being a Diving Instructor on the front line is all about communication. Can you give the information required to become a safe diver in a limited time frame?

Blogging is a form of communication and can be a powerful one as the reader has time to digest your thoughts and the time to find faults or counterpoints.

You need no technical skills to get started. Here is an easy way to get started


So press those fingers to the keyboard. It will be useful to have pages of information thoughts and opinions from real Diving Pros from around the world, and you will be helping me out, a fellow Dive Pro (retired) that is just not ready to hang up the fins.

May the Tide be with you.

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