7 Characteristics of a Diving Professional


Dive Professionals have studied to gain specialised knowledge to become an instructor.

However, passing the knowledge exam on the Divemaster and Instructor course is the very minimum required.

Dive professionals immerse themselves in all things SCUBA, taking the opportunity to learn rote style but to genuinely understand the text.

Additional supplementary knowledge will come in very useful as you move up the ladder.

Understanding weather patterns and tidal and current movements is knowledge that needs to be learned, and practised is a good example.

We will certainly be looking at the subject of supplementary knowledge and skills in the future.

This sort of experience is difficult to quantify on a CV, but a dive knowledgable CV writer will highlight skills like this.

The Pro knows how to convert theory into real life. More importantly, pass that on to others in an easily digested way. After all that what we do, we are educators.

Being Competent

Being able to do your job, all aspects of it, meet and greet the customer, fill out the paperwork, sizing and organising the equipment, getting the equipment to the swimming pool, teaching the skills, giving encouragement and praise, debriefing the customer and getting ready for the next day.

Professionals are reliable. They do what they say. For some reason should the task not be completed, the Pro owns the problem and has workable solutions.

They don’t make excuses, and they don’t pass the buck.

Dive Professional slogan
Be a Dive Professional

Having Integrity and Honesty

Honesty and integrity come hand in hand with being a Professional.

Values are not compromised; they do what’s right, even if it’s not easy.

Integrity is the act of behaving honourably, even when no one is watching. Integrity should extend to all areas at work such as decision making, interacting with colleagues and dealing with customers


Hold yourself accountable to yourself for your thoughts, actions, and words, especially when you have made a mistake.

Personal accountability is the mark of a true professional.

Self Regulation

Professionals can remain professional, no matter what pressure they are under.

Being in the diving industry means dealing with customers. Whenever you are dealing with customers, there will inevitably become a time when there is a customer complaint.

A professional can deal with an upset or angry customer by maintaining a calm, businesslike demeanour and doing all possible inside the company guidelines to make the situation better.

They show respect to the people around them, no matter their role or situation. They can consider the emotions and needs of others.

Professionals look Professional

Professionals turn up for work on time appropriately dressed fresh and ready to go. Their diving equipment does not need to be the latest addition or brand-new, but it should be serviceable, clean, and most importantly working.

They should not have to accessories hanging off their equipment apart from when it is appropriate and needed.

Because they look the part professionals exude an air of confidence Having confidence gives those around you peace of mind and a feeling of safety for dive students

Honour Commitments

When you make a promise, be it to a customer, your colleague’s or boss.
Make sure you keep it.

If you are unable for any reason, you need to bring it to those you promised to. Don’t make excuses.

Be Humble and Helpful

As you move into more senior roles, having gained knowledge and experience, try to remain humble and don’t come across as superior or worse, arrogant.

Take the opportunity of the mentor other dive professionals that have not yet gained your experience. Remember your beginnings


In conclusion, being a Dive Professional comes down to these important factors. Perhaps you have some of your own that you can share

  1. Specialised knowledge
  2. Competency.
  3. Honesty and integrity.
  4. Accountability.
  5. Self-regulation
  6. Looking the part.
  7. Remain humble.

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