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The Goal – First Diving Instructor Job

How to get your first Diving Instructor Job

There is nothing like the first time you put on the Dive Centre staff tee shirt to join the rest of the team.

It is not hard to get a diving instructor job. All it takes is some planning and preparation.

get your Diving Instructor Job in 5 steps

  1. Decide what it is you are looking for
  2. Determine your preferred location
  3. Do area research
  4. Do Dive Centre research
  5. Send off the application email

1. Decide what it is your looking for

  • Part-Time or full
  • Local or International
  • Dive Shack
  • Small Dive Centre
  • Larger organisation
  • Resort
  • Liveaboard
  • Tourist or repeat Customers
  • Local Customers
  • More teaching or more diving
  • Entry Level students or more advanced
  • Priority for boat or Shore Dives

2. Note Your Preferred Location

  • North or South Hemisphere
  • Warm or cold water
  • Wrecks or Reef Diving
  • Large Sealife
  • Muck Diving
  • Stable country or more adventurous
  • Languages spoken

Now you need to Open a spreadsheet app and use the information from the above 2 sections

3. Area Research

Enter the  5 top countries from your location priorities. 

Check the logistics of each country, entry requirements, spoken languages, and tourist high-seasons.  Where do the most tourist come from, age groups and languages of the visitors

Change the priorities of your country list as needed once you have the answers.

Now go to your agency website, PADI, SSI Etc, and copy and paste all the dive centres for each country, grouping them into the same areas.

4. Carry out Dive Centre Reaserch

Now comes the work of looking at each dive centre website.  Look at the website from a diver’s point of view as to how they present themselves.  

Find out the email address, and look in the about section, to see if you can get the name of one of the management.

Add each dive centre to your spreadsheet with the URL, email address and manager name.

Drill down into the website and note their unique selling points or their specialist..  Enter it

Move the rows around until you have them in the order of most interest.

5. Send your Application

Your CV should always be ready to go, or if you are using SCUBACV, it is always up to date, and you have the URL

The Email is the covering letter.  Send a CV attachment in PDF and Word Format.  Change the file names to include the file formats.

Mention what’s unique about the Dive Centre, then it will not be seen as a copy-paste campaign.

Enter the send date in your spreadsheet. Use your email scheduler for it to arrive at 6 am

5.1 Follow up

After seven days if you have not heard anything, do a polite follow-up asking if they have had the opportunity to look at your CV, and for any feedback.

If you have not heard anything back from them a week later,  note it, and start the process again in 3 months

What not to do

  • Do not send ‘Copy and Paste’ emails- it’s obvious.
  • Don’t repeat the information that is in your CV already.
  • Don’t be overly formal; polite and friendly is better.

If you get a rejection letter, only respond to thank them for sending it, and you will note any raised points.

You will refer to those points and how you have dealt with them if you reapply later.

Most CVs I received had a variation on the following in their application.

  • Follow my Passion
  • I have a passion for the sea
  • Since I was three years old
  • I started to dive when I was 10
  • I stick to standards
  • Safety is my priority
  • Introduce people to the underwater worlds
  • Fell in love with….

You are a Dive Pro.  All the above goes without saying.

You would not expect the airline pilot’s letter to say: “I love to fly and always try not to crash.”

General Tips

Many people have tried to make a central website for SCUBA jobs.  No one has done it.

The Dive groups and forums are worse than useless at getting a job, and you will subject yourself to trolls if you post your details.

Replying as a troll to a negative remark makes you both look unprofessional.

For your peace of mind, do not get involved with them.

Make it a regular task to keep updated on all the Dive Centre websites, and subscribe to every newsletter.  Make a separate Gmail account to receive them.

Here are the instructions

Dives centres might post any job openings on newsletters and websites, and it’s an excellent way to know what is happening in the area.

Getting your first gig isn’t easy; perseverance.  A positive attitude goes far

Keep adding to your research.

Once you are employed, network like crazy – always.  The job offers will come.

If you are reading this because you are thinking of entering the Professional world of SCUBA then take a look at my Divemaster Internship post 

Good luck with the first diving instructor job, it’s a worthwhile job.

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