Crafting your Diving CV

It is important for us to work together

The more we can communicate, the better the result will be. It is better to give me too much information than not enough. Take some time out and make a note of what I am looking for

Don’t worry about missing areas or gaps. Only the relevant details will be used. If you already have a CV please send it.

Personal Details

Up to five photographs, head and shoulders and half-length shots.  No sunglasses

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Email address
  • Mobile number with country code
  • Which main communication app do you use, I.E. WhatsApp
  • Facebook page URL
  • Any other social media you are comfortable being viewed.
  • Video App details – Skype etc
  • Present country of residence
  • Time zone (GMT or UTZ plus/minus)

 Diving Details

  • Diving agency or agencies ( PADI, SSI, RAID etc.)
  • Highest rating for each
  • Specialities for each agency
  • Date first become a Divemaster or Instructor.
  • Year started diving
  • Approximate total number of Dives
  • Other diving skills

Breakdown of certifications. (Don’t worry if you only have a few or none at all, everyone has to start somewhere)

A summary of the conditions that you are comfortable in, such as strong currents, surf entry’s, cold water, shore diving, freshwater, small boat, Inflatable, skiff, large boat

List any Diving related skills.

  • Equipment repair/servicing
  • Boat handler/Captain
  • Boat repair
  • Compressor operator/repair/maintenance
  • Tank filling / decanting / gas blending
  • Tank inspections certificate hydro or visual.
  • List the languages that you are comfortable using for teaching.
  • List the languages you can converse but not teach in.

Employment Record

Starting from the most recent and including non-diving jobs, please list your employment record.

  • Start Date (Month and year)
  • End date Month and Year
  • Name of company/business you worked for
  • Town/city/country the company was based
  • Job title
  • Main duties
  • Reason for leaving 

Please explain any gaps over six months in your work record.

 None diving and miscellaneous material 

Record non-diving skills and education – examples can be driving licence – college or university degrees – carpenter, bricklayer mechanic, aquatic sports, 

  • References and testimonials, including e-mail address
  • Any volunteer work in any area. Awards and recognitions
  • Please write in 200 words or less about yourself. 
  • Hopes dreams and aspirations. 
  • What sort of personality are you. 
  • What do you strive for? 
  • Are you a punctual person, easy-going, a joker?
  • How about hobbies and past times

Ready to get started

Once you have as the information, send it to me using the Email address [email protected]

Attachments can be in any file format

I will review everything you have sent me and give you FREE feedback

Only then after an agreement, will the writing of your CV start after payment

I will send you a Paypal invoice.